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A great experience for dogs

Peace of mind for parents

              Is your pet alone all day?

     As a member of our family, dogs need attention and social interaction to remain healthy and well behaved.  Play Time Pet Care serves the needs of busy families and their loving companions. We cater our pet care to meet your dog's individual needs.   

     At Play Time Pet Care we have the experience and training to provide attention only you can top.  Seven days a week, rain or shine, we are there for your family.

Who We Are

     Play Time Pet Care is owned and operated by Jacquie Korsch.  Jacquie has more than 15 years of experience raising and training dogs.  A dedicated dog and cat owner herself, Jacquie is committed to providing professional care in safe, happy, and socially stimulating environments.  When she's not on the trails or visiting pets in their home, Jacquie works closely with the Victoria SPCA providing foster care for dogs requiring behavioural or emotional rehabilitation prior to adoption -- see the photo gallery page for the story of Stevie and Colton.   Jacquie is one of the Victoria SPCA in-house trainers and works with adopted pets and the family to ensure a smooth transition to their new home.
      Play Time Pet Care is also pleased to have Heather, Missie, and Liz that work closely with Jacquie to provide the personalized service and attention your companion deserves.  All employees of Play Time Pet Care are bonded and insured.